Today's lesson is.........

Yesterday I had occasion to have someone read a beer-related piece to me over the phone (I don't have a fax machine, and this person wanted me to hear the content of this piece sooner rather than later). (Okay, the piece in question was a review of AMBITIOUS BREW from one of the publishing trade magazines.) (Yes, it was a good review. And this is the rag known for its incredibly snarky reviews. Whew!)

Anyway, the person reading the piece to me knows zip about beer and apologized in advance for "butchering" some of the names.

I was reminded of that by the July 6 entry at A Planet Full of Beer Blogs Yuengling is pronounced "Ying-ling." Uihlein (the family that built Schlitz Brewing) is pronounced "E-line." And Greisedieck is pronounced "GREE-see-dick" or "GREE-sa-dick." Take your pick. No rhyme intended.