Drive-by blogging

This book "tour" is making me insane. I'm so tired that my brain feels like a dead computer must feel. I don't own a laptop, blackberry, or any other cool thingy that would allow me to deal with email or the internet while on the road, so this "blog" of mine, such as it is, which ain't much, sits neglected while I'm on the road.

I'm home now for a mere two days, trying frantically to catch up on my life as I once knew it, but which now consists of ...... well, a frantic attempt to do laundry, talk to my husband, and sleep. But it's almost over and then I can get back to my normal existence, which consists of me sitting at my desk writing or in front of a microfilm reader researching my next book.

And I gotta tell you, I REALLY want to get back to my normal existence.

Having said that (how much can I complain.....), this tour has been an amazing experience. I've met such lovely, friendly people who've been absurdly generous to me and to the beer book. There were the ambulance drivers in Durham (they actually live in Atlanta but were in D. for the World Beer Festival) who are reading the book to each other when they're waiting for the next emergency.

There's the guy in Seattle who found a site where brewery "hackers" have posted photos of the inside of abandoned breweries. The fantastic beer folks who came out for the event at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco (and who apparently don't hold it against me that Jack McAuliffe did NOT show up.........)

The funny, friendly folks in Milwaukee who came to the reading at Harry Schwartz, including Adam Nan, who brought two cases of beer from Lakefront Brewery, where he works.

And on and on. I've been met with such kindness and warmth everywhere I've gone.

Thank you to everyone. I've always had a lot of faith in humankind, and this just affirms that stance.