Presto! Magic! Old Interview Reappears!

I did a mental double-take when a link at the History of Drugs and Alcohol website took me to this interview. For a millisecond, I thought it was bogus. I had zero recollection of talking to anyone in Fond du Lac, at least not recently. But then my brain dredged up a memory of a radio host named "Silk." The post is a transcript of a radio interview I did about a year ago.

Whew! For a minute, I thought maybe my brain had spun, crashed, and burned. Live, on-air interviews always feel so ephemeral. But here's one embedded in e-print, complete with plenty of the verbal grammatical howlers that are an inevitable part of the thinking-on-your-feet process.

Tip o' the mug to "Silk" Casper and David Fahey.