Crafty Number Crunching?

There's an interesting piece in today's Wall Street Journal about "big" brewers taking on "craft" brewing. If nothing else, it offers a larger perspective on the much vaunted "double digit growth" of craft brewing. Because I'm always just a weeeeeeee bit skeptical of the numbers tossed around. I hasten to add that I don't doubt the sincerity or the dedication of the folks in Boulder. But what, precisely, are they counting in those press releases touting craft brewing as the industry's hottest "growth" segment?? Whose beer is "craft" beer?

This all reminds me of a newspaper piece I recently read that REALLY set me thinking about the relative meaning of "size."

Thanks to David Fahey at the History of Drugs and Alcohol website for sending me the link. In beer, as in life, perspective is everything.