Out of Commission -- Again

Not that I'm the most regular blogger in the world -- but entries will likely be more sparse than usual in the next week or so. Tomorrow (Feb. 13), I'm going under again so that the surgeon can "manipulate" my arm.

This is doctor-speak for: "The surgery didn't quite work the way I had hoped, so I'm going to knock you out and pull, push, twist, and otherwise yank your arm into full range of motion." All I have to say is: thank god for anesthesia. (When he told me this a few days back, he said "Well, I could do it right now here in the office, but the nurses object to the screaming." Ho. Ho. Ho.)

So.......... I won't be doing much typing the next week or so. If nothing else, because I'll be going to physical therapy every day for the next two weeks. This is my last chance to regain full use of my arm. If it doesn't work --- well ..... I'm going to be like Scarlett and worry about that later. Here's hoping.