About That Bock Beer Article

In a previous blog entry, I included a link to an article about bock beer from the March 26. 1933 New York Times. But according to An Astute Reader (and I love the Astute Readers), it's only free if you subscribe to the newspaper (the paper version) or the online "Reader's Service."

So apparently I subscribe to the "Reader's Service" -- which, frankly, I had forgotten. (What can I say? I'm over forty. My memory is not my strong point.) Anyway, apologies for unintentionally misleading all of you. It's a terrific article and if I could do so legally, I'd just cut-and-paste the whole thing as a blog entry.

But of course I can't do that. It's the property of the New York Times. So if you're dessssssssssperate to read it, you have two options.

One, spend $4.00 to buy an online copy. (Again, I'd happily do that for all of you, but I still wouldn't be able to copy here.) Two, find a library that subscribes to the ProQuest electronic version of the Times Archives, or owns the microfilm version of the newspaper. Any university library will have them, as will any big city library. Finally, the Times archive IS free back to 1981.