Happy Birthday, Anchor Liberty Ale*

Anchor Liberty Ale is one of my favorite beers -- and the guy who makes it, Fritz Maytag, is one of my favorite people. (Well, okay, Fritz's brewers actually MAKE the beer.... but let's not quibble...)

And today is Liberty's 33rd birthday (thanks for the tip, Jay.) Fritz is one of those people who knows, and enjoys, history (probably one reason I like the guy so much), and he released the beer on this date because it's the anniversary of Paul Revere's famous (albeit misreported) ride.**

So, here's to Paul Revere, to Fritz, to Liberty Ale -- and to liberty itself, which I hope you all "revere" as much as I do. Without it, we're nothing.


* Whoops! Original title made it sound like it was Anchor's b-day. It's not... Got so carried away that I lost my typing-train-of-thought. ** Another addition to the original blog entry. If you're interested in a marvelous, thorough take on Revere and his ride, read David Hackett Fischer's book Paul Revere's Ride. Fischer is a terrific historian and one who can, gasp, communicate with a general audience.