Three Pals In the News

I've been on the road doing a speaking gig and am just now catching up on what's up with the rest of the world, including news about three people I know (and like):

Gilbert King, one of the most decent humans I know, had an op-ed piece in yesterday's New York Times. It relates to the topic of his new book. When he's not busy writing books, he's a professional photographer. (And a husband and dad. Totally unclear to me how he finds the time for all of this. Does he ever sleep?) (Plus, and yes I'm shallow, he's horrifyingly good looking.)

Second, the totally swell Jim Arndorfer is the subject of a front-page feature piece in today's Wall Street Journal. The paper's website is suffering serious Wierd Issues at the moment (it keeps freezing), so I'll simplify things by posting a link to Jim's blog, where's he's posted a workable link to the piece. It's the entry titled "WSJ Covers Beer Blog." Again, I'd send you straight the WSJ piece itself, but their site is suffering serious wonkiness at the moment. [SEE NOTE BELOW]

Finally, I learn that the inimitable Charlie Papazian has taken up blogging. (Charlie! I beg you. Stop now while you can.) Charlie is the most calm guy I know. He's verrrrrrrry caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm. When I'm around him, I land in the caaaaaaaaaaaaalm zone. (Thanks to Stan for this tip about Charlie's blog.)

NOTE: Addition to original blog entry: Full disclosure. I know Jim only by phone and email. He's called me on numerous occasions to interview me for pieces he's working on for the Miller Brewing magazine titled "Brew." I have no other affiliation with Jim, the blog, the magazine, or Miller Brewing. I am never paid for my insight (such as it is) and I extend to him the same courtesy I show to all the newspaper/magazine reporters who call me on a regular basis: I share my knowledge of the brewing industry's history.