InBev and A-B. Clash of Cultures?

Today's Wall Street Journal has a number of follow-up pieces on the possible InBev takeover of Anheuser-Busch. Unfortunately, unlike yesterday's great front-page piece, none of these are accessible without a subscription. (What's up with that anyway? Why are parts of the WSJ free online and other parts are not??)

But here's the drift: One piece examines the way in which InBev's go-go, macho culture may clash with A-B's more regal, attention-to-detail approach to business. It also points out that InBev has a history of installing its own people in companies that it acquires. (I guess that's no surprise....)

Another report argues that InBev may encounter resistance from those who don't want an American icon sold to a foreign company. This piece can be read free: speculation about how Warren Buffett may react to the proposed purchase. (Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is A-B's second largest shareholder.)

The Journal also contains most of the text of a piece that originated at This one looks at corporate family dynasties, and argues that times change; sentimental saps need to get over it and move on. (Auggghhh. Help me get this knife outta my heart.)