Odds and Ends a la Busch

A few last-minute odds and ends as this week gallops to a close.

First, reader Tracy Mehan sent me a link to a short piece he wrote for the American Spectator. I suspect many people share his memories. (And in the spirit of Jeff Alworth at Beervana, we're keepin' politics out of it!) (See his blog entry of July 10 titled "Beer Is Not Political.)

Second, another reader posted a comment to Part Five of my (probably too long) series about the future of brewing. He asked a GREAT question, one that I'd not even thought of. (See? This is why I'm not in charge....)

He asked: assuming the Busch family sells the company, what do they do next?

Great question. (Wish I'd thought of it.) And the answer is -- you tell me! What do you all think August IV will or should do next? He's only in his forties, and he's got plenty of dough.The floor is open!

Finally, my sincere thanks to everyone who responded this week to the op-ed piece in the Washington Post, to my blog entries about the future of brewing, and to the online discussion at the Post's website. (*1) (That, by the way, was a total blast. As exhilarating as any live talk I've ever given.)


*1:  You can read the discussion transcript here. You have to scroll down a bit to find the start of the discussion.