"BigDog" and Robotics

My husband is a philosopher who specializes in "mind." He sits around reading books about neurophysiology and AI and other stuff, including robotics. He's up on the latest work in all that stuff.

So when he says something is groundbreaking and revolutionary, I take his word for it. And he says this is a spectacular breakthrough in robotics research.

Apparently leg motion is the hardest part of the human anatomy to re-create mechanically. (Well, aside from the brain itself...)

In this case, for example, watch the guy try to knock over BigDog. BigDog is able to keep "his" balance. Amazing. Even more amazing is seeing BigDog keep "his" balance on snow and ice. Anyway, a friend sent him this, and I pass it on to all of you.

I was totally, and I mean totally, creeped out the first time I saw it. I kept thinking that it must all be computer graphics. But no, it's a real, three-dimensional device operating in the "real" world. The Cylons have nuthin' on BigDog. Well, okay, I guess they're better looking. And they wear great clothes. But otherwise.........