Read All About It: Pabst and Marketing

I've long been on record about my astonishment/"admiration" of the Pabst marketing scam -- er, um, scheme. I have no doubt that for decades to come it will turn up in college textbooks and undergrad/MBA courses as a prime example of whiz-bang marketing. Indeed, it probably already has.

But no need to take a college class to learn more. The tale of the Pabst phenomenon has now been documented in a new book aimed at a mainstream audience. The book is Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, by Rob Walker, a columnist for the New York Times. (*1) This review of the book focuses on the Pabst example. In case you're interested.


*1: By the way, I've not yet read the book and this isn't an endorsement of it. Although I intend to read it because it's related to other things I'm thinking about.