Drinking, Community, Beer -- and Other Stuff

In my previous post, I used one of Rick Sellers's blog entries as a jumping off point for a comment on the dilemmas of living "light."

There are now some good coments at Rick's original entry. Jeff Alworth weighed in at Beervana, and Peter Hoey of Sacramento Brewing Company commented at his blog, too.

Me? I'm still thinking about the issues raised. As I've said before, "consumption," whether of beer, clothes, whatever, is much on my mind these days. Sidenote to a point raised in comments at the other blogs: I spent fifteen years waiting tables. It wasn't a side job. It WAS my job. So the matter of the tip factors into my decisions about going out to eat or drink.

(Although, ahem, because I spent so many years waiting tables, I also believe that tips are earned. A food server's sense of entitlement goes nowhere fast with me....)