On A Cheerier Note: Clear Creek Distillery And Other Matters of Note

Enough wit da doom and gloom already, says I to myself.

I'm a big fan of the liquids that roll out of Clear Creek Distillery in Portland, Oregon. You don't know the meaning of sublime until you've tasted its pear brandy. Swoon City.

Anyway, nice piece about Clear Creek written by the Wall Street Journal's "drinks" writer, Eric Felton. I've given up trying to figure out what's free and what's not at the WSJ website, so if the link doesn't work, take it up with Rupert Murdoch.

While you're there, take a detour from sublime to sad and read the Journal's obit of Bill Leinenkugel. Although maybe not sad? After all, Mr. Leinenkugel's was a life to celebrate.

Side note: the Journal's obits are few in number and run on Saturday in the "Remembrances" feature in the main section of the paper. The editor sticks to the offbeat, meaning the column features the lives of people who don't show up on the obit pages of the New York Times. (Indeed, according to the "Remembrances" editor, with whom I spoke on Thursday about Mr. Leinenkugel, the Journal's house rule is: It's gotta be someone who's not in the Times.)