I Vote For "Nation Day"

So about this business of "election day" being just another day. As we all know, election is just an ordinary day of the week. People get up, get their kids off to school, go to work. Stop at the grocery store. And then try to find time to go vote, too. In years like this one, when turnout is expected to be high, it'll be even harder that usual for people to find time to stand in line for an hour or two. (Which is what many people are already doing in many states that are holding early elections.)

Some people argue that we should hold elections on the weekend. I disagree. Let's stick to Tuesday, but let's make the day different from other days. Let's ask Congress to create "Nation Day." (*1)

On Nation Day, banks and insurance companies and malls and doctor's offices and auto repair shops and everything else would close their doors. No school, either (because teachers have to vote, too.)

Just for one day, so that ALL of us would have time to stand in line. So that we have one day -- one day!; that's all I'm asking -- when we have time for a reflection; when we have time to ponder one of our most important duties as Americans.

Sound like too much? Then how about if employers give employees a two-hour break so they have time to go vote. Come to work two hours late, or leave two hours early. Something, anything, so that the average American doesn't have to race around like a maniac trying to find the time to vote. Worth thinking about

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*1: Let's just not call it a "holiday." Because god knows, if Congress created a voting-day "holiday," the entire purpose would be subverted in the time it says to say "FORTY PERCENT OFF ALL ITEMS DURING OUR ELECTION HOLIDAY SALE!" Or "SHOP EXTENDED HOURS DURING OUR SPECIAL ELECTION HOLIDAY SALE!"