Must-Reads, November 21, 2008

Catching up here on some good reading: Mitt Romney's op-ed piece about the auto industry in the New York Times. Unexpectedly thoughtful. Definitely worth reading.

In the Boston Globe, a truly fascinating rumination on what a 21st century economic depression might look like. Hint: it won't be '30s-era souplines.

Excellent analysis of the real problem facing newspapers from Paul Farhi in American Journalism Review. Newspapers and journalism have been much on my mind lately. It's clear that in another year, maybe less, much of the excellent, in-depth analysis that only newspapers (whether digitally or in print) can provide probably won't be around. And yes, one reason is the fact that people like me can read all these great pieces for free. Something's wrong with this picture

. For another view: Rupert Murdoch contemplates the future of newspapers and journalism.

Finally, lotsa good stuff over at The Big Money blog, including a piece by Dan Mitchell about Snow, the new king -- or not -- of beers.