Update On New York Liquor Laws And Tuthilltown Spirits

Back in February, I posted an entry about a particularly inane liquor-related law in New York.

I just got a follow-up about that episode from the person featured in it, Ralph Erenzo of Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery in Gardiner, New York. He posted his comment at the original post, but I re-post it here for the edification of all:

Update: After we managed to get Gov. Spitzer to sign the Farm Distillers law, the State Liquor Authority interpreted the law strictly and required holders of the A-1 micro distiller's license to give up that license to acquire the Farm Distillers license (which for us would have meant dropping half our product for the right to have a tasting room and direct sale to consumers). The SLA insisted we must start another company, in a different building, build a new distillery to acquire the Farm Distillery license. It took another round of legislation to amend the law to include the specific words permitting the holding of both an A-1 and a Farm Distillers license concurrently. Gov. Paterson signed S2075 into law recently which specifically permits distillers to hold various licenses at the same time (the way wineries and breweries have been able to do for years).

Sooooo...... something for which to be thankful on this day of thanks. Now, if only various other dumbass liquor laws could or would be changed so that I could buy some of Tuthilltown's products and have them delivered to me here in Iowa.

Sigh. That day may never come............

I'll have to wait till next time I'm in NYC and then, gee, make a trip to Gotham Bar or MOMA restaurant or one of those other dens of iniquity that sell exquisite fabulous food and drink so I can taste some of Ralph's wares and won't THAT be a hardship??