Historical Tidbits: Malt Liquor And The Ladies, 1966

Beer, a reporter for Ladies' Home Journal told readers in 1966, "has recently burst forth into new bloom."

One of the "most startling" developments in all-things-beer was malt liquor," sold in "joyful pull-open cans." "They look like the palest of ales," gushed the magazine's writer, with a "golden" "sparkle," and possessing "a sophisticated undertone of bitterness." "Their most defiant characteristic is that they are often -- and correctly -- served on the rocks as a cocktail, with or without a lemon twist, or as wine, with your meal, never in a stein or big beer mug, but in your frailest, finest crystal goblets or brandy snifters."

Recommended brands for the magazine's readers? Colt 45, Country Club, and Schlitz Malt Liquor, sold in 7-ounce cans, "a genteel and satisfying portion."

Perfect, presumably, for the genteel readers of Ladies' Home Journal.


Source: "Wine, Women & So On," Ladies' Home Journal 83 (September 1966): 116.