Repeal 'Round The Internet -- Updated

On the subject of repeal, there's much to enjoy and ponder out there today -- emphasis on the "much" part.

Among others: There's a fascinating op-ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal from Ethan Nadelmann, who calls for an end to the mostly lunatic war on drugs. I'm a 30-year advocate of legalizing "drugs." If nothing else, their purveyors ought to pay tax on their profits. The fact that the WSJ, about as mainstream as it gets, published Nadelmann's piece, gives me hope.

Jacob Grier has an essay-worth-reading at American Spectator. (He spent part of the day tending bar at a forum on repeal hosted by the Cato Institute.)

[Added Sunday, December 7]: Also worth reading: the essay by Radley Balko at Reason Online

. My pal Jay Brooks, a long-time, fearless,and tireless advocate of rational drinking, posted a rumination on alcohol and the meaning of repeal.

Also worth noting: Earlier today, reader Joe Figueiredo of Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, sent me a message that's worth quoting in full:

I enjoyed reading your article about the Constitution and Prohibition. I read through the Constitution on a regular basis. I’m not so sure that there is the same support for the Constitution now as it was then. That’s one reason I became a member of the Constitution Party. Do they stand much of a chance in elections? Not much. However, there’s always hope and perhaps if politicians continue to violate it long enough, the people will revolt. Figuratively of course. People told me I’d be wasting my vote. But, the Constitution Party represents my values, so my vote isn’t wasted.

I have to admit: I didn't know there was a Constitution Party. You can learn more about it here. Anyway, this anniversary of repeal is a perfect example of what I love about life in these United States: the extraordinary diversity of opinions and our opportunities to express them.

Enjoy! (Tip o' the mug to Joe for allowing me to quote his message and for the info about the Constitution Party.)