Just In Time For New Year's Eve: Getting The Blog Back To Normal -- And Stocking Your Home Bar

I'm obsessive about saving, backing up, etc., and so I've been able to reconstitute some of the blog entries that got demolished in the Big Crash of '08. They're below, back-dated to their original posting dates. See here, here, and here.

Two shorter posts that vanished were holiday-connected, and so I'm reposting them in this entry: advice for the home bartender from Jacob Grier. Jacob, you may recall, is our resident drinks expert and, as important, our man-on-the-beat for cogent, up-to-the-minute rants-and-reporting about the nanny state. (*1)

For tips on bartending hardware, see Jacob's entry here. For his tips on the well-stocked bar, see this.

As I type this, it's December 30. You've still got time tomorrow to shop for tomorrow's celebration tomorrow.


*1: Jacob is joined in these tasks by Jeffrey Morganthaler and the folk(s) at Cocktail Revolution.