When The E-World Goes Haywire; Or, My Unexpected, Unwanted, and Unpleasant Break From Blogging

Who knew that I'd be UPSET about a break from blogging? Who knew? Evidence that you can teach an old dog (me) new tricks (I once scoffed at blogging; now I'm an addict...)

Anyway. First, sincere thanks to all of you who wrote to inquire about the abrupt collapse of the blog. I appreciate that you cared. Sob. Snurfle. Getting all weepy here.

Second, I apologize up one side and down the other for the general weirdness of the past 12 days. I won't bore you with an explanation of what happened, but I had no control over it, did not know it would happen, and couldn't do anything about it. With any luck, it won't happen again.

Finally, there will be (I believe and hope) one more small change: My host must upgrade my blog to the new version of Movable Type, so at some point in the next few days or few weeks, the blog's appearance will change. (For, I believe, the better. It's pretty damn spartan here.) With luck (please e-gods, please be on my side this time), it won't be too disruptive. So again -- here's hoping and thanks for sticking with me.