Comment from Alan of the "Good Beer Blog" (and Apologies for Malfunctioning Comments Function)

Alan from the Good Beer Blog (and also co-host of the annual Yule Photo contest) wanted to comment on an earlier post -- and discovered that my "comments" function is still wonky, presumably from the Great Blog Crash of '08. So apologies for that.

And I'll just use this entry to post Alan's comment. He's commenting on an earlier blog entry, which you can read here. And Alan's response to it is:

I don't think I was referring to Lew but I clearly do have those reactions to drinking that I was referring to - especially at pubs or beer fest when it is after my point in the evening, a point that seems to get earlier each year. It is all a continuum and, as you say, there is plenty of good in enjoying the simple organic pleasure of a beer or a leg of lamb or a garden's worth of your own work. But there are other points on the scale, too, and at some of them sit less pleasant things, the basic and on down the way to the base.