Kudos to Shawn Connelly and The Aleuminati

Speaking of comments functions malfunctioning, the other day I tried to post a comment at Shawn Connelly's blog, Beer Philosopher, and his comments function was also haywire. (What's up with this anyway? That meteor shower is over with, and there's no full moon, so what gives?)

Anyway, I wanted to comment on his post summarizing and surveying the 2008 traffic at his blog and his site, Aleuminati. The stats are impressive. They're even more impressive when you know that Shawn has a fulltime "real" job, and running his blog and Aleuminati are sidelines. Labors of love, you might say.

But as I've noted before, the beer world is full of people like Shawn: decent, generous people who are passionate about beer, and want to share that passion with others. (And yes, the Aleuminati site breaks my rule of NO BLACK BACKGROUND, but I gather that Shawn is in the process of giving the site a facelift, with the intent of shifting to a easier-on-the-eyes appearance.)

So three cheers for Shawn, and for Alan (see this post), and all the other folks out there who work to make the enjoyment of beer a communal venture.

As always, one way to find many of those other beer-lovers and their sites is through Jonathan's really simple BEER syndication.