My Absolute Last Comment on the 2008 Yule Photo Contest

But this is worth mentioning because it's (a) cool; and (b) relates to my previous post about beer folks being good folks: Alan of The Good Beer Blog, who co-hosted the contest, told me that Lew Bryson, wh

o had offered a copy of one of his books as a prize, offered to deliver the prize to the winner in person at a nearby pub. The winner was, as Alan put it, "gobsmacked." (That's one of those pricelessly descriptive British words. How come we don't have an equally juicy equivalent in American English?)

But I wasn't surprised: That's precisely the kind of generous act that beer folks are prone to commit.

So -- one more contest "hoooorah," this time for Lew. (Who, by the way, helped me out when I was writing the book: When I was unable to track down a copy of an interview he'd done with Fritz Maytag in the 1990s, Lew sent me a copy of the document.) (You can find all of Lew's books at Amazon.)