1982 Handbook of American Brewers [Minor Correction]

Well, here's a surprising and unexpected historical treat: a handbook of American brewers and beers from 1982. It was compiled by Susan Edmunds and Lowell Edmunds. (He's a professor of classics at Rutgers and the author of Martini: Straight Up. ) [Correction to original post: I'm assuming that the Lowell who co-compiled the handbook is the same Lowell who wrote Martini. Martini-Lowell acknowledges Susan Edmunds in one of his other published works. So presumably he's the same person; otherwise, what an odd coincidence. Not great factual evidence, but .....]

I skimmed through it and it's astonishingly complete and accurate. I "tested" that by zipping to the "n" and then "s" (it's in alphabetical order) -- and sure enough, both New Albion and Sierra Nevada are listed. I know nothing about the circumstances under which the handbook was compiled.

But, again, worth a look. Tip o' the mug to the great folks at the Daily Register of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society.