Why I Like Andy Crouch; or The Contrarian View of Twitter and Taste

I try to cooperate. I try to do the right thing. But the sad fact is that, at heart, I'm not a group person. (I lasted a grand total of one week in Girl Scouts.

There's a reason I was put on earth to do history and write. Both require, well, not-groups...)

So, yes, I wonder about this whole facebook-myspace-twitter thing. (*1) "Wonder" meaning: I find them intellectually fascinating, but I don't engage in them myself. (*2) The internet and its associated spin-offs are fascinating. They constitute fundamental aspects of life in modern America and what I "do" is ponder life in these United States. That's what my books are about.

Ponder being the operative word. I observe rather than participate. (I know. Some of you are saying "Get over yourself. Get out there. Do it!" But really, it's not my nature.)

But if a pal wants to engage in life-as-we-know-it, I say, hey, have at it. Here's the info. And then along comes Andy Crouch, who says "I'm having none of it." A curmudgeon after my own heart. (*3)


*1: According to Andy's post, the act of using twitter is "tweeting." Who knew?

*2: I'm on facebook or one of those sites because my step-daughter and son-in-law recently had a baby and they use it to share photos and news about him. I'm not sure which site it is because I bookmarked their page and otherwise never use the site. I'm also on Linked In, only because I had a lot of invitations and "being there" doesn't require much effort. Yes, I know. I need to get with the program, and eventually I will, but for now, well, the fact that I'm even writing and posting this (ie, I'm "blogging") is progress.

*3: I've never met Andy Crouch. Wouldn't know him if he walked in the room right now. Have no idea what he's like as a human being, except that, near as I can tell, he's a contrarian and a curmudgeon. Just like me.