Timely Commentary: In Defense of Introverts

Apropos my mash note to Andy Crouch, this from the always entertaining Alan Jacobs on the "fascism of Facebook," as he calls it. He links to this 2003 essay in the New Atlantic, which contains this spot-on summary of me, er, of the introvert:

Do you know someone who needs hours alone every day? Who . . . can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk? Who has to be dragged to parties and then needs the rest of the day to recuperate? Who growls or scowls or grunts or winces when accosted with pleasantries by people who are just trying to be nice? . . . If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you have an introvert on your hands . . . ."

Introverts of the world, rise up against the tyranny of extroversion. Seize your solitude!