Not Overdosing on Obama-rama

I've been on and off weepy since the Great Train Ride to Washington on Saturday, and I figure I'll spend most of tomorrow with a wet face, too.

Which is why I'm trying not to watch TOO much Obama-stuff. It's so . . . tear-inducing. But -- less than 24 hours to go now. Finally. Finally.

Here's one thought: I feel ill when I think of what might have been. Things have gone downhill so fast since election day -- I suspect I'd be nearly suicidal right now if it were McCain-Palin who were ironing their ball gowns and tuxedos. God. Does NOT bear thinking about.

Gotta stop. Gotta go watch some more huge-crowds-in-DC-braving-cold-to-celebrate.

Well, one more thought: A new opinion poll indicates Americans trust BHO AND, more important, don't expect miracles overnight. Most Americans apparently assume it will take him years, not months, to fix this mess. I think that's an indication of what happens when politicians treat us like we have half a brain and more than a clue. When they treat us with respect: We voters will return the favor.

Anyway, this time tomorrow, Bush will be history. That alone, my friends, is worth celebrating. Having the Obamas in the White House just makes it that much sweeter.