OHFORGODSSAKE. Drinking Does Not Equal Not Sober

What the fuck is the matter with people? Supposedly smart people. People in the "media" who are supposed to be "smarter" than the rest of us. I refer here to this piece at Slate.com about President Obama's "cocktail party" the other night. The so-called "money quote" is this:

Sobering times do not necessarily require everyone to be sober.

Yeah, okay, so the rest of the piece is about presidents-who-drank. But let me get this intro (which set the tone for the rest of the piece) straight: President Obama invites people over for a social occasion, one that includes the option of consuming an alcoholic beverage.

The result (in the media) is --- people having a drink equals they're no longer "sober." Translation: it's not possible to have a fucking drink and not get drunk (or, by implication, become a "problem drinker" or an alcoholic). Have I got it right? I mean, seriously.

What the FUCK is the matter with us? Is it ever going to be possible for Americans to discuss alcohol in a mature manner? To mention it in "the media" without the writer making some dumbass joke? Okay. End of rant. Now excuse me while I go have a drink, remain sober, and continue (in private) my rant about dumbasses who equate having a drink with being drunk. Or with being a drunk. And no, I don't plan to apologize for using the word "fuck." You think I'm not "professional"? Too fucking bad. Go read some other blog.