Twittering = Abbreviated Blogging? In Which Case . . . .

So David Nygren commented on my latest observation about Twitter, and I posted a reply to his comment, indulging in a bit of self-mockery about the nature of my potential tweets. As in: my life's so damn dull no one would WANT to read my twits (or tweets or whatever they're called.) (Question: do twits twit? And smart people tweet?)

And then it hit me: ACK! Twittering is nothing more than another version of blogging, right?

So . . . I don't need Twittering. I'm already inflicting my banal life (and no doubt more banal brain) on the world, only in far more excruciating detail than I would in a tweet. Hmmmm...... Let she who is without sin throw the first tweet, er, stone.