More Good Commentary On Twitter . . . Keep This Up and I May Be Convinced

Who knew? Now David weighs in again (see his comments in this entry) -- with even more insight into how/why Twitter might, er, actually have some social value.

Urgh. Am I gonna be forced out of the Age of the Dinosaur?

And speaking of which, today I received a book I'd ordered from Amazon. It's an obscure monograph -- won't even bore you with the title -- and I bought it because I need to read it for research and the university library doesn't own it and I'm trying not to burden that library with my research needs. (*1)

And I opened the box and looked at the book, whose contents are, again, of interest to only a minuscule number of people -- and thought "Good lord. If ever there was a book that ought to have entered life as an e-book only, this is it." This is a new book, published in 2008. And it feels positively dinosauric that paper and ink and gas (to ship from the printer to a warehouse) were expended on this obscure creation, that only a tiny number of people will read, when it all could have been rendered digitally. And for less money. Sigh.


*1: Because I'm not a faculty member or student there. Yes, I could have asked the library to order it through interlibrary loan, but that would cost each library money.