As I Say: Tipping Point, Newspapers, Etc. [UPDATED]

I'd no sooner posted my previous entry when this came zooming through from Nicholas Carr, who's tackling everything and the kitchen sink.

Added minutes later: I posted this link simply because it landed in the in-box just as I was finishing the previous post. I'd not yet read Carr's essay when I posted the post (if you know what I mean.) Now I have.

You should read it. It may be the single smartest, most common-sense commentary yet on how and why newspapers (and other media) will survive. And it's worth reading an unintended companion piece that I'd linked to in the previous post, the report about TV in the Wall Street Journal. The reporters who wrote it also framed their piece in the context of supply/demand/shakeout. Fascinating. The context of the debate is shifting from "people don't read anymore" to "there's a demand but too many suppliers."

That's a major shift in perspective that reframes the discussion and moves it from abstract to concrete. Also reminds me of, well, the history of the brewing industry .......)