Lachky is Leaving the Building

From Jeremiah McWilliams of the always-informative [example of why journalism must survive] Lager Heads, news that Bob Lachky is leaving Anheuser-Busch.

I'm not even remotely surprised. Heck, I'm 55. I can understand the desire to do something different. Especially when what you've been doing is slammed by a tsunami named Carlos. Although I absolutely believe the take on it: that Lachky had been thinking of this for some time. (Because he'd no doubt seen that the times they were 'a changing.) (For which we ought to applaud his ability to take the long view of the big picture.) Lachky, by the way (whom I've only met once) is the guy who responded (by paper letter) last summer to my plea that A-B try to save the archives and library, for which I was grateful.

Bob: good luck and godspeed.