In Praise of Abita

Shall we end this workweek on a high note? This article about Abita Brewing.

I'm a serious fan of Abita Turbodog, which may be one of the best beers in America. (True, it came in second when I bracketed beers for the first edition of The Enlightened Bracketologist, but it won -- yay! -- two weeks ago when I bracketed beers again for the second edition of Bracketologist [coming soon; no link yet].)

So: enjoy the weekend. Enjoy a Turbodog!

(Preferably with the one you love.Tomorrow, I gather, is Valentine's Day. That's a non-starter at our house, where every day is V-Day.) (Yes, you read that right. I don't expect, and don't particularly want, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or, dear god, a Vermont Fucking Teddy Bear -- although those commercials are hilarious.) (

Why, yes, I do make the perfect wife, thankyouverymuch!)