I'm a Twit-Idiot

Maybe I need a category for "the future is here and I'm scrambling to keep up."

So I, um, created a Twitter account today. Thought I'd ease into it and figure out how it works and, ya know, not make an ass of myself in public until I had half a Twitter-clue. I posted my initial Twitter messages -- er, tweets -- thinking I was out in there in the e-universe by myself just testing the medium.

Next, I searched for the three people that I knew for certain had Twitter accounts; easily "found" them; and clicked to "follow" them. And then thought of a couple of more people who might have accounts, and did the same.

Again, I'm thinking I'm out there alone and no one could "see" me messing with this form of communication trying to figure out how it all works. You guessed it.

Suddenly: Emails from the people-I'm-following. I had no idea that they'd, ya know, get Twitter-info that they had a new "follower," and actually realize that I was following them.

And, yes, that idea is creepy. Tantamount to stalking someone, so, yes, I shoulda realized. Yikes.

But I'll figure this out. Really, I will. I'm a move-into-the-future kind of person. I can do this. Although I'll likely make a total fool of myself in the process.......