More Than You Want to Know About Newspapers

One of the websites that I read regularly is one maintained by the Nieman Journalism Lab. (Hey, I can think of worse ways to waste my time....)

It's always worth visiting, but the past few days the staff has been crunching some newspapers numbers. If you're interested in newspapers, take a look here, here, and here.

Then there's this comment/discussion about the whole pay-for-content-and-the-future-of-newspapers.

But I loved this in-depth look at the new "Article Skimmer" created by the one of the software developers at the New York Times. I tried out the Skimmer, and I've gotta say: I like it. As the audio commentary in the Nieman piece notes, the current NYT online layout tends, inadvertently or otherwise, to favor some pieces and sections over others. I gather that this feature is not fully functional (if only because I can't find a way to link to it other than from the original blog entry, plus not all the paper's sections are included in the Skimmer).