Twitter Is For the Cool Kids. Facebook Is . . . .Not?

Heee heee..... This is truly funny -- and for all I know, maybe even true.

Honesty compels me to disclose, re. Facebook, that I set up an account only so that -- I could see photos of our new (and probably only) grandchild. His parents, being, ahem, somewhat younger, informed us it would be easier to stay in touch that way. (Apparently not, however: So far they've I-phoned us every photo of the baby BEFORE they've posted it at F'book.)

Tip o' the mug to Stan for sending me to this hoot-inducing article -- Stan,who claims to be older than me, but I don't believe it. (My main question, however, is this: Why in the world am I suddenly so aware of my age??? It's something I otherwise rarely think about. Is Twitter inducing age-pains?)