More On A Viable E-Book System

David Nygren has another great slate of suggestions/possibilities for the future of the e-book.

This, by the way, and my earlier link to the San Francisco Post Chronicle wiki, are precisely what I mean when I wonder if we're in a "new age": The "book" is something we all take for granted, right? Hasn't changed in form or function for millennia. Books are like air: We just don't notice them or think about it. They're just . . . there.

Until now. Now the idea of "the book" is up for grabs. All of it: form, shape, access to, content. All of it. We, all of us, are stepping back, eyeing the "book" and pondering its future. That's amazing.

That's why I so often blog about what may seem like a trivial matter. It's not. It's profound social and cultural upheaval unfolding before our eyes.