Random This/That for the Last Day of February

In no particular order:

--- Michelle, you seriously rock.

--- A sweet homage to Bob Lachky from Jeremiah McWilliams. (Jeremiah's probably saying "Sweet? Ewwww!" But I'm a girl; girls see "sweet" where boys see friendly shoulder-punch.)

--- Two weeks into my foray into Twitter, and I'm hooked, mainly because I'm getting such cool stuff from other people's tweets. Turns out that most people's tweets go way beyond "I'm in the frozen food section now."

--- The economic disaster affects real people. Read the farewell columns and blogs and watch the video at the (late) Rocky Mountain News website.

--- Re. the upcoming "Beer Wars": Lotsa people are wondering why it's a one-night release, as if that's a bad thing. These one-nighters are common. I've seen several operas beamed live (Fabulous!) (Well, it is if you're a fan of opera.) The documentary I.O.U.S.A. also originated as a satellite-delivered, one-night event. (It makes the move to television in, I believe, March.)

---- An op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal about corporate executives' salaries. Completely worth reading.

---- Been on a Willie Nelson jag the past few days, in part because of this hugely entertaining blog entry by Ann Ivins over at Scholars & Rogues. If you only have time for two, make them Across the Borderline and Teatro. Well, okay, include Red Headed Stranger. And don't forget Stardust. And . . . Oh, never mind.