Yes, You Should See That Jon Stewart Rant About CNBC. Brilliant.

Confession: I've never actually seen an episode of the "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." Yes, I realize that makes me a Total Loser.

(But I already knew that. I also have no idea who Hugh Jackman is or why he hosted the Oscars.) (Which I didn't watch, but news about which was hard to avoid.)

But I have seen a number of Stewart's videos, and yes, this one about the lunacy of CNBC is absolutely worth watching. Stewart plays the role, in our times, of exceptionally brilliant court jester. When we look back on this era, his will be regarded as works of comic genius. (I saw the Santelli rant several times last week because, ya know, it was hard to avoid. My personal opinion is that it was all part of his effort to get his own program on some cable network.)

Found at many places today, but tip o' the mug in this case to The Big Money. (Which, in all honesty, belongs in the Top Ten Most Confusing, Badly Designed Websites Ever.) (But is otherwise worth following.)