Just So I Can Say I Was "Here" . . .

Meaning: so I can say that at least I wrote something on the blog today. (*1) (*2)

If you're looking for a great blog that follows the implosion/explosion of 21st century journalism, you could do worse than read the one sponsored by the Nieman Journalism Lab. It's the one blog in which I get truly bogged down every day (blogged down??).


*1: I have an excuse, sort of: I wrote several thousand words of the new book this morning. That's not unusual -- I spend most of my time working on the new book -- but there are some days when, after cranking out new-book-words, my word-well runs dry (to say nothing of my energy).

*2: Man, I HATE the burden of guilt that accompanies the days I don't blog. I gotta get over that. And I bet if I hadn't been raised Catholic, it would be a hell of a lot easier to do so.