Brits' Views on Drinking, Class, and Other Matters

Astute Reader Dexter (our man-on-the-beach in Hawaii) sends along a group of links to some fascinating discussions about beer, beer's image, and other matters -- from a British perspective.

As always, make sure to read the comments posted at each entry; those make some of the best reading.

First this from the Real Ale Blog.

Then this from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog.

The estimable Pete Brown also weighs in here.

And this, too, from Pete.

To that last entry from Pete, Dexter adds his own punchline: a terrific riff of Aquarius" --- and, presumably, my own recent series titled Is This the Age of E-Quarius?

Golden liquid dreams of visions Mystic hoppy revelations And the mind's true libations

Love it! Major tip o' the mug to Dexter for taking the time. (And sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Was focused on correcting all those dead links. Which, I might add, have been repaired.)