Inaugurating the New Site With A Photo

I had great intentions of launching this new site with something "new" -- namely, adding a photograph to a post, which was something I could not do at my old blog.

In fact, I couldn't do much of anything at the old site. I had nearly zero control over the contents, and that ancient version of Moveable Type was hard to work with. (Not complaining, mind you, because every new technology moves through generations and changes with each. Think Kindle.)

Anyway, I'd planned to include a photo in the first post, but obviously that didn't happen. (Because dealing with hundreds and hundreds of dead links.)

But now? Well, why not? So apropos of absolutely nothing except that now I can do things like this, here's a photo taken two weeks ago while I was speaking at an event at Living History Farms in Des Moines.


Yes, I often look this manic when I'm speaking to a group.

Thanks to my pal Ginger Johnson.