An Iowan, and Glad to Be One

Iowa is, in my opinion as a life-long Iowan, perhaps the most misunderstood place in the United States. (

A situation exacerbated, alas, by the every-four-years circus of the caucuses, during which both candidates and media alike persist in using fucking haybales as backdrops for every. goddamn. thing. they do and report. Maddening.)

(Although frankly, it's also okay with me. Far as I'm concerned, the only thing that prevents Iowa from being Nirvana is the weather, and without it, we'd probably be overrun by the rest of the world looking for a great place to live.) So I am pleased but not surprised about today's court decision, and can only echo the words of a local law professor who said:

“What is really stunning is that it’s unanimous,” she said. “It’s a very bold, confident opinion. It affirms a certain notion of what Iowa is and what Iowa means.”

To which I say: Yup.