Speaking of Beer and History and .... Jeff Alworth Looks At Widmer Brothers

This got lost in the shuffle of me trying to learn how to use this new blogging platform the past couple of weeks (*1): Jeff Alworth at Beervana wrote a lovely essay about the history of Widmer Brothers Brewing, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Take a look, and thanks to Jeff for keeping the (history) spririt alive. By god if it kills me, I'm gonna convince at least a few Americans that history can be interesting. . . While you're there, check out the well-deserved praise Jeff received from Sunset Magazine:

"Alworth's near-poetic descriptions of beers and craft breweries make us proud to live in the West." Sunset Magazine


*1: I love my new website and especially the 21st century blogging platform I'm now using, WordPress, (as opposed to the truly antiquated version of Moveable Type I used on my previous site), but the learning curve has been, shall we say, steep. The the good news is that learning how to do one thing enables me to figure out how to do ten other things. Although I pity the poor person who doesn't grasp the fundamental "logic" of using the internet, because almost none of it is obvious. And thanks again to all who chimed in with advice so that I was able to figure out how to put images in the sidebars. So wowy!