And In This Corner: The Anti-Beer Wars Contingent

Rant from frustrated beer person, worth reading, if only to get a handle on the misperceptions about the film "Beer Wars" (because, among other things, the film isn't aimed at the small percentage of people who are into craft beer/homebrewing). (Just as my book Ambitious Brew wasn't "aimed" at beer people; it was written for a general audience.)

As I've said here before, if you view yourself as being on the side of the "little guy," then support Anat's work by seeing her film. (And since it is an indie film, without any studio backing, it's incredibly hard to get the word out. Some may be sick of the press releases, but my guess is that the vast majority of non-beer-geek Americans still, alas, don't know about the film.)

And if you want to see an interesting documentary, then, hey!, here's your chance. Meantime, I think I'll ponder the nature of insularity/blinders that prevent "groups" from seeing the big picture. (No pun intended.)