Stan-the-Wise Also Noticed My "Age of E-Quarius" Musing

Stan Hieronymus, of whom I am a huge fan, is, near as I can tell,  the only person who had the same reaction to my post-film comments that I did (does that makes sense??)

Background: Greg and Sam had both insisted that they weren't in brewing to grow "big." Then Ben Stein asked me to comment, in effect, on the nature of capitalism and entrpreneurship and I said "blah, blah blah, whatever" and then said to Sam and Greg something like "You think you're not in this to grow big? Get back to me in ten years."

And even as I said that on-stage, both Stan and I were reminded of my blog series The Age of E-Quarius, in which I wondered if we humans are living through the end of capitalism and on the verge of, well, a new age.

And of course as I thought that blog series I'd written, I sat there on-stage wishing I had time to move the entire panel discussion to larger issues and away from its (in my opinion) inane focus on how somehow craft brewers are groovier-than-thou and that they've magically created an age of entrepreneurship (which is, of course, total horseshit, a fact I pointed out to Sam, Greg, et al before the event began.)

Anyway --chops to Stan for having the same reaction to my words that I did. We're either great minds thinking alike or, well, I dunno. Total dumbasses. And he's not and therefore I opt for the former rather than the latter. How's that for a confusing Monday morning comment?