Yes, I Am Writing Another Book, and No, I Don't Mind The Time-sink Beer Has Become

I started writing a reply to an email from Loyal Reader Dave who asked a good question and I decided I'd post my reply here because I think it might be relevant to other readers. (Or not.)

He wondered if it bothers me to spend so much time on beer, given that I'm writing a new book that has nothing to do with beer ( Carnivore Nation: Meat and the Making of Modern America is the working title.)

And the answer is no: It took me awhile, but I finally accepted that beer is now part of my life (although, ahem, I'm sure some beer geeks wish I would just go the hell away.) Yes, keeping tabs on the beer world takes time, but that's okay. Once I made the decision to blog regularly, I knew that might happen.

So -- be careful what I wish for.

But I'm also careful to organize my time. It may seem, for example, that I spend huge amounts of my day blogging. In fact, I spend 85 to 90 percent of my working time on the meat book, and the rest of it on beer.

Speaking of which, at some point in the next month or so, I plan to add a website page about the meat book and to start talking about it more here at the blog. I haven't said much up to now about the new book because I was still finding my footing, but that project is now far enough along that I'd like to start sharing some of what I've learned. And THANKS for reading the blog. I really do appreciate it.