Steve Jobs to the Rescue? Kindle as Kindling? [Updated]

[I spaced out and forgot the relevant link when I first posted this entry. It now includes a link to the news about an Apple reader.]

About a year ago, Steve Jobs commented that "no one reads anymore." That was immediately interpreted as either Jobs-is-a-moron (which no one seriously believes); or Jobs-is-working-on-a-reader. He is apparently notorious for throwing people off the scent of his company's research by belittling the concept/idea behind that research. (Which means he's not exactly throwing people off the scent, eh? I mean if people know this is his pattern, and he throws off a "no one reads" line, well, it was safe to assume he was, ya know, working on a e-reading device.)

I hoped that meant he was working on precisely that, and so I didn't race out and buy a Kindle. And yup, turns out he is. (Or, more accurately, his company is doing so.)