Correction To An Earlier (Much Earlier) Post

Christina Engelbert, co-founder, with her father Douglas Engelbert, of the Doug Engelbart Institute, has kindly corrected a factual error on a blog entry I wrote some months back.

The error was in Part 7 of Kids, Beer, and the 1960s (one of the entries in my First Draft Follies series): Douglas Engelbart and Hewitt Crane) worked at the Stanford Research Institute, not Stanford University.

Anyone who's hung around this blog for more than ten minu

tes knows that I'm obsessive about accuracy, so I am grateful to Ms. Engelbert for taking time to note and correct the error. In response to her information, I also changed the live link in that piece so that "Douglas Engelbert" leads to the DBI rather than to the wikipedia entry. (I use wikipedia with caution, and you should, too: many entries are riddled with errors. And in any case, wikipedia should be a first resort for "research," and never a last one.)

Again, my thanks to Ms. Engelbert.